In stats class we watched this movie on different statistic problems. We use statistics in everyday life to do many things like what to buy or sell to make good profits. In the movie they were talking about dominos pizza and how they transformed their pizza to make it more satisfying to the people. At first they had a thin crust pizza with the regular toppings. After experimenting with different ingredients and learning about what people like for pizza, they came up with better ideas. Dominos started making a thicker crust and more unusual ingredients like pineapple and sardines. Sardines didn't get any good ratings but other ideas did. People liked the thicker crust better so dominos started making that crust instead along with a new sauce. Other then pizza we use stats for things like finding the right career that is like able and gives you a lot of money all around. everybody uses stats to help them with their decision making.

Kelsey Smith