Correlation Film
There are many variables that can be associated with statistics, correlation specifically. "R" is the correlation coefficient. The video started with chocolate cakes and finding whether price had anything to do with how good they were. It ended up that there was a high correlation between the two. This makes sense, because the higher quality ingredients should theoretically produce a better cake, as well as taking more time. Next, it focused on identical twins and how similar they were, as far as height vs. personality and whether or not they were raised together. This brought into the game the roles of environment vs heredity. Twin A and Twin B were picked arbitrarily. It turned out that genetic influence had a lot to do with height, a correlation of .92, but personality has little to do with genetic influence or growing up together. For twins raised apart the correlation was .49, but for twins raised together it was still only .52. So it really has little to do with it. In the 1980s, there was a "baseball decade of the homerun." The correlation between strikeouts and homeruns was .7, showing that these people were trying to always hit homeruns. This also goes with the number of homeruns vs. salaries, but this actually has less correlation, .42. Homeruns are one of the best explanations in salaries, even though the correlation is relatively low. The last thing was the Civil Rights act in 1964. It resulted in no definitive answers regarding inequality. It was the beginning of equal education opportunity, meant to show the gap between blacks and whites. The Coleman report found that there were unexpected equalities, the facilities were actually quite similar. They decided to use the test scores vs. money spent on schools, but it was not conclusive. These examples show how correlation really helps in real life problems ranging from food to science to politics.

Statistics Movie Response
Statistics is a proven way of drawing reasonable conclusions. By finding something you want to learn about, gathering the data and then drawing conclusions, statistics proves to be very important in everything from history to pizzas. Probably the most interesting part of the movie was about the Salem Witch Trials, in which Statistics was used to figure out that the accused witches were from one side of town and that this was not by chance. It turns out it was all about politics. Being rather interested in history, I find this interesting of course, how statistics can be used to learn and prove things that happened so long ago... The movie also included Domino's Pizza and their introduction of their deep dish pizza into the market and how it would fit in to their marketing scheme and 30 minute delivery... It was kind of interesting to see how research was conducted and put together to finally get to a result where a conclusion can be drawn... I really like seeing how Statistics can be used in the world, because none of us students can argue that we are never going to use it in the real world... I love learning things that are applicable in real life!