In the first chapter of the Lady Tasting Tea, it started out with a lady claiming that tea tasted different if the cream was put in a cup before the tea was poured than if the tea was poured into the cup before the cream was poured into the cup. It turns out the lady had been hanging out with some scientists who wanted to conduct an experiment. All of a sudden, the chapter’s story has changed, and the author begins to write about conducting experiments, and what has to be done to show accurate results. The author begins to talk about a man named Fisher who said that every experiment should go by a set of rules that would help display the statistics better. Fisher said that each experiment should have a control and a variable. The author makes a point that statistics can’t be relied on if they haven’t been shown with all possible outcomes. He also told a story about a company that had been testing fertilizer for many years and their experiment turned out to be worthless, because of the change in weather patterns. So far the Lady Tasting Tea has shown that you need to be well organized to come up with reliable statistics.