The book, Lady Tasting Tea, is about the importance in research and data in any experiment. The main point of the book is that in order to prove an experiment is absolutely, one hundred percent correct, you need to have more than one trial for the experiment. If you do one trial and then base your answer off from that then you don’t have enough proof or background information. In the book, they do just this. They do the experiment several times and test the results of each trial. This helps out to find the correct answer and to make sure that they are right in the end.

My name is Sally Sue Bedwetter. Sometimes I like to eat pickles dipped into barbeque sauce, but it sucks sometimes too. I wear clothes on my neck--called neck clothes. I wear peas on my head, but don't call me a pea head. I wear bees on my head but dont' call me a bee head. I dip it low, dip it real low, like a record baby, right round right round. Because one, Mr. Lemay is my dream come true; two, i just want to be with him; three, Dan, it's plain to see, you're the only one for me. DEEEEammmnn, I like math and lunch mixed with root beer and onion rings. Sometimes my friends call me Thomas Taylor but I am NOT HIM. They are fooled. Nate dances sometimes in his bathroom to the Sound of Music soundtrack.... I think it's cute. Bobby says i type fast but he is just dumb. I fly lie...I'm ballin'. Hakuna means no worries...for the rest of your days.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag,

John Hancock

P.S. Bobby just sneezed on my back!!!...and if you put a bird and a bee in the same room, they will make a human being. I have a brother named, Beelow.