This year's Project

The Assignment

You are going to design your own data collection activity to investigate if there is a relationship between two quantitative variables

Step 1: Think of two pairs of quantitative variables whose relationship you might be interested in studying. (Remember that a quantitative variable is any characteristic of a person or object that can assume a range of numerical values) Be very specific in describing these variables; identify the observational units as well as the variables. These need to be things that you can physically measure, not get a list of data that someone else collected.

Here is my project from last spring: Diameter of tree at ground level vs number of tree rings link

and here is my project from last fall semester. link This first page with the red apple is all you need to post for this week.

And some of the more memorable ones from students:

  • How long it takes x numbers of chocolate chips to melt link.

  • How many days past the full moon vs number of student incidents in a classroom link

  • Throwing Things: link

Your final published article will involve creating and performing your own experiment. It must involve measurable quantitative bivariate data with some EXPECTED relationship. You should have at least 30 data pairs (only with permission may you have less). You must MEASURE THE DATA YOURSELF. In other words, you may not get it from a book, the Internet, a printed list, or by asking someone else, etc. Try NOT to pick a “perfect” scientific relationship.

This week's Assignment Due by Monday Classtime 11/11/2013

Write just enough so someone else can clearly understand what you are thinking of doing without having to ask you to explain it:

• What is the research question? Be very specific about exactly what you are going to measure. What is the case? What are the two variables?

• Try to be specific about where and how you are going to measure it (remember the word replicable). Of course this is a short assignment, so do what you can.

• State what type of association you expect between the variables and why.

Keep this simple. Don't make it too involved. The statistical idea I'm trying to get you to address is association and correlation.

See the first page in both of my examples for what this week's post should look like and include.

tree rings link

apples link

We'll begin collecting data after next week. You'll have about 4 weeks to gather the data.

Find your name below, click on it to create a new page, edit it and make sure to save it.

Also write down your wikispaces username and password offline so you can remember it in 5 weeks.